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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

Sometimes we have trouble getting out of our own way.  Many of the issues we struggle with in life seem to take on a life of their own, and are hard to get your mind around.  We often intellectually know that our way of thinking or feeling and the patterns we follow sabotage the results we want to get.   But emotionally we don’t know and continue with the same thoughts, feelings and patterns.  You may often wonder “Why the @*$% do I keep doing that?”

Many times this happens because we have experienced a trauma of some kind.  It may be something big like a serious car accident or a health concern.  It may be repeated messages we have gotten over our life time.

Our brains store memories from these events and we often experience a mental replay of events that sometimes is not even conscious to us.  To date, EMDR has helped over two million people relieve psychological stress.

EMDR can help you temper your emotional reactivity and your fight, flight, freeze reaction when exposed to certain triggers and events that cause you to get emotionally flooded, overwhelmed or rattled.  Many of our clients who have experienced EMDR comment that they feel like themselves again and have greater clarity for what they need to do in highly charged emotional situations.

How Does EMDR work?

The research on EMDR is extensive and is considered a highly effective treatment for the healing of trauma.  MRI and SPECT scans of the brain actually confirm physical changes in the brain after using EMDR.

Although researchers don’t know all the details of how it works, it is believed that the bilateral stimulation of each hemisphere of the brain provides an orientating response to the brain.  When we face traumatic or highly stressful events our brains go into survival mode and release adrenaline and cortisol, which leads to a fight/flight/freeze response.  This response often shuts down much of our cognitive processing.  In some cases this results in making up lies about ourselves and the situation we experienced.

The orienting response may allow the brain to utilize all resources when processing and understanding the events experienced.  As a result, when thinking about the memories of traumatic events, you brain is able to take a different perspective and approach when those memories are triggered.

Here is a link to the EMDRIA explanation of EMDR.



This training takes place in our office. We connect an EEG machine to your brain and it records your brainwaves. As your brain responds in the ways we need it to, it gets reinforced with music, sounds, or videos.

Personal Training for your Brain

You lift weights in order to make you body stronger.  To test and measure your strength, you can lift weights and design a plan to help you make gains in areas you need to improve.

Strengthening your brain can sometimes be like trying to figure out what’s wrong with your car.  The check engine light goes on. The car still runs and there seems to be no obvious problem. You could just tape over the light and pretend it’s not on.

The more you try to identify the problem on your own the more realize you need to take it to get checked out.  Ignoring it won’t solve the problem. You need an auto mechanic to use their computer to read the codes and identify the problem.

At Foundations Counseling, we can do the same with your brain.

What?  How do you do that?

Your brain creates brainwaves as it processes information.  Research has determined that there are brainwaves associated with certain activities and certain parts of the brain.

Neurofeedback’s birth took place when NASA needed to know why some astronauts had seizures when exposed to rocket fuel.  In simplest terms they found that the brain can be trained to resist and adapt to certain conditions.

Using an EEG amplifier we can measure your brainwaves or the electrical signals your brain creates.  This technology helps us to determine the obstacles your brain faces in performing at its best. Just doing an initial assessment can provide valuable information and take the guesswork on what you need to focus your time and effort.

After determining the obstacles to your performance, weight lifting for your brain is the next step.  Using the principle of positive reinforcement, we can create training protocols that awaken the parts of your brains that need to be stronger and slow down the parts that have been over trained.

This training takes place in our office. We connect an EEG machine to your brain and it records your brainwaves.  As your brain responds in the ways we it needs to it gets reinforced with music, sounds, or videos.

This technology has been shown to help people learn how to develop greater focus, better sleep habits, manage emotions, process information, and transition to their optimal mental state.  It has been used to moderate symptoms of ADD, generalized anxiety, chronic pain, seizure disorders, reading problems, visual processing problems, migraine headaches, PTSD, insomnia and more.

Many people utilize this method of training instead of using medication to manage mental health symptoms.

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Heart Rate Variability Training – Get to the Heart of It

Creating better mental health involves more than just learning to think positively.  Our brains and our hearts work together to help us manage our psychophysiology.  Learning how to manage it can be trained.  We utilize biofeedback tools that measure your heart rate variability.

You will learn about the science behind this training and develop a plan to learn how to train your body and mind to maintain a coherent state.  Research shows that HRV training has many benefits including quicker reaction times, better focus, greater cardiac health, better control over emotions, clearer thinking, reduced muscle tension reduced anxiety and improved sleep quality.  The number of sessions needed varies by the individual and results can be seen in as little as three sessions.

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Peak Performance and Sports Performance Consulting – Find Your Optimal Performance Zone.

We are partnered with the Center for Sports and The Mind.  We help athletes identify obstacles to their peak performance and help them create a plan to achieve their goals.  Go to for more specific information.

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